So Israeli forces shoot an unarmed man carrying a white flag and the British Establishment is fucking silent. It is a war crime, I wonder how many other instances there are – the Byline Times reported on a family sheltering from the bombing discovered by IDF soldiers who took the men outside and whilst their families watched shot them, the women and children were then sent back inside and grenades thrown in – all died. This was reported by the UN Commission for Human Rights. Meanwhile in a desperate piece of electioneering the USA and the UK bomb Yemen and the Telegraph talks about conscription.

What the fuck do MP’s do all day? They are not running the country. Is the government hoping for some sort of military coup to keep it in power? Sunak is still criticising Starmer due to him being a supporter of Corbyn in the past, and for doing his job as a lawyer.

The Mail has complained that woke activists have made adverts less sexy than they were in the 1980’s. Their readers must yearn for the days when they could jerk off during an ad break!

The Culture Minister bemoans bias at the BBC until asked for evidence, to which she states that some people have complained! And another minister asks for balance (presumably balance that provides support for racists, misogynists and sex offenders?

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