Incompetent in the extreme . When you think tey cannot get any worse they manage it! 11 months ago surveys were sent to schools about RAAC. Only when pressure was applied from outside did the Government respond by closing over 20 school completely with over 100 partial closures and over 500 results pending. Yet Gibb takes credit for being proactive and closing down buildings – the week before school starts again. Schools are left to sort out a problem that has existed for months and have been shut for 5 weeks. Other public buildings are in the same situation with courts being closed and some police buildings. Until yesterday the plan was to have schools prepare evacuation procedures! Were they planning on issueing body bags?

Rather than take credit for closing the schools he should resign. Schools are also expected to provide home tuition where relevant and send out lunch credits for thosd entitled. The position that England had done more than Scotland and Wales may be fair, but finding someone worse than you was always the cowards way!

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