In the UK we lock up 136 per 100000, in the Netherlands it is 53. Crime rates are lower too. And at the cost of

Over the past decade, crime rates in the Netherlands have continued to fall annually. Even though it is impossible to conclusively determine the drivers behind this statistic, it is possible to discern several regional conditions that may have contributed towards the decline. 
As judges tend to rely on less severe penalties such as fines, electronic tagging or community service, it is quite rare for convicts in the Netherlands to face lengthy jail time. Furthermore, the Dutch punitive system generally favours rehabilitation over punishment and considerably less criminals reoffend after serving their sentences than in other countries. In fact, over 20 prisons have closed in the Netherlands since 2013 due to the dwindling number of incarcerated convicts in the country.

At a cost of £46000+ per year that is a huge burden on society – and we can see it does not work (except for the vindictive in society, aided and abetted by the right wing media.

The same mentality is applied to asylum seekers – lock them up and stop them working and getting a better life – Insensitive twats.

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