3.2% increase in inflation mainly due to increase in food prices, and add in 2.5% National Insurance tax, and increasing energy costs, and then reductions in Universal Credit and record numbers of children living in poverty – a social disaster?


  1. If Brexit has any silver linings it is really only that introducing inefficiency (and visibility) to supply will result in a reversal of the wanton consumption that has fuelled climate change. Trouble is, localism requires organisation and management and pretty much everything else that has been eroded from the remit of local authorities in recent years.

    1. Completely agree. And with little evidence I believe that industry and local government have used the old boy network rather than ability to advance careers. Economics is not a science and is manipulated by the rich to extend their wealth. Geography is always more important!

      1. Ha! In fairness I think the economist Jevons spotted exactly this problem in the mid 19th century… but he probably studied hard in Geography too.

          1. always worth reading Jevons – his paradoxes explain everything from the causes of global warming to why Rovers can’t buy a goal in division 4.

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