I have seen lots of small white butterflies and one red admiral and this morning 2 gatekeepers. I have purposely kept a stand of stinging nettles and a couple of buddleia bushes. Quite a few bumble bees along the road at the house on the corner with a lavender hedge which was nice this morning. My neighbours are great and there are lots of flowers, but they are in islands of flower beds. I would like to see a continuous 400m run of wild flowers and others, punctuated only by driveways (and I am pleased to say mine is being gradually broken up by invasive pioneering hero plants. (well done fennel) Eventually I would like to replace the tarmac with a grid of (I wonder how long wood would last?). I know it makes sense to have a none muddy surface for the car, but one which enablers infiltration and plant life would be good. I also know concrete blocks would work, but wonder if there is an alternative? Maybe a combination with concrete where the car tyres go and wood in-between and outside.

And a thought, would wind turbine blades of different colours work on sunny days due to the difference in absorption of solar energy? Obviously I am no scientist – 8% in year 8 chemistry (and I cheated by copying answers fro someone who was possibly more stupid than me1). It seems that economists are only interested in mega facilities which can produce mega profits. Maybe we just need to calm down a bit and accept that life does not have to involve expensive cruises.

I read a proper version of this once, but do not know who by? ” A person who walks 10km to market and can name every plant, bird, insect on the way is so much richer than those who jet around the world to tick of their wish lists. Personally I would rather see a kingfisher, or arctic tern, or barn owl for 5 seconds than see any number of inanimate objects that are seem as ‘amazing’.

Robert Macfarlane (author of acclaimed books – although I have not finished one!) has stated that every primary school should be twinned with a farm. Great concept. but farms need to sort out their poison policy first. I have stated before that the best way to compensate for schools being shut is to get the kids out , field study centres, activity centres, farms, holiday parks. Work experience outside would benefit all.

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