Electric cars – brilliant and the government will go into overdrive on their virtues. But are they investing in the green energy (Onshore wind farms are a must – even if the privileged dislike them) to meet the demand. Solar panels on all possible buildings. heat pumps subsidised. New housing regulations on standards of efficiency. All relatively simple.

Then charging points for electric cars – oh, the government has put in £300 million to help fund 3550 high speed charging points – nice but about 27 million to go! Perhaps we need to bar the energy companies from Westminster for a couple of years to let the correct decisions to be made without lobbying from vested interests. If we are to move from gas and coal and oil, it is obvious to all that we will need to probably treble of quadruple our electric supply industry. reinstating a realistic subsidy for solar panels and wind turbines would be a start (why should a private individual not get compensation for investments which save the government money?).

STATISTICS – 415 PARTS PER MILLION OF CO2 (UP FROM 280 PRE-INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION) – 3.6MM RISE IN SEA LEVEL EACH YEAR – 43.1 BILLION TONNES OF CO2 EMITTED IN 2019 – 28 TRILLION TONNES OF ICE MELTED BETWEEN 1994 AND 2017. Geography students might like to recall the albedo effect, and the release of methane from melting permafrost, and the burning of tropical forests. It is bit of a shit storm – but we can find a way out of it.

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