Will ministers stop talking up the end of the pandemic. We all know it will be months before anything major changes. with large numbers of people refusing to have the vaccine, Covid sceptics and right wing tory ‘freedom wallah’ nothing much will change for a long time.

With schools in disarray, the knock on impact on the economy will be huge.

Changing the times for the second dose of vaccine might make logistical sense but will not aid the take up by the sceptical.

At the very least he should now do what he should have done from the start and set up a cross-party committee to deal with the crisis. This should be composed of experts and not defined by politics or the chumocracy. Its meetings should be reported in full and dissenting voices acknowledged. Only total openness will get the situation under control.

And Brexit – already some lorries being turned away for incomplete paperwork. Do people really think private enterprise is more efficient and will sort it out! Just like test and trace!! And whether it is the French or Europeans fault no longer matters – it has to be dealt with! To my cost I have found that the emotions of a parting of ways are still virulent after 20 odd years! So they are likely to make it difficult at every opportunity, and why not! We chose to leave, and must face the consequences. Will French fishermen act to project their livelihoods – probably. Whilst successive governments seem to have suppressed the unions in the UK, protest seems alive and well on the continent.

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