Such fuckwickery – it hard to determine what will come next. The social care funding issue has been shelved yet again.

Patel is making sounds about migrants whilst nasty party members accuse the border patrol of being a taxi service for migrants. No mention of why people would risk their own lives and those of their families to escape to these shores. No plans to identify and prosecute the people smugglers who show little regard for human life. Presumably these people are the ‘organised crime’ that is often referred to, presumably funded by off shore accounts. Why not make it illegal for any public official (including civil servants and MP’s) to hold offshore accounts. If found they would be confiscated.

Rishi Sunak has had to self isolate and has put back a budget review until the autumn. This should give him time to consider all aspects of the tax regime. Council tax has become a sick joke, business rates need urgent attention. tax on assets of all kinds needs to be addressed. House value has grown far faster than incomes, especially of the young adults who are desperate to get on the ladder that has been taken away. Alternatively the rental. market needs much stricter governance. The rich have got ridiculously rich whilst the poor get poorer – and are conned into voting conservative by the promotion of myths about migrants, immigrants, social care recipients.

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