Jenrick is trying to be nastier than Braverman whilstLocal Government Minister, Lee Rowley told S.Cambridgeshire District Council to stop an experiment with a 4 day week immediately. Evidence provided by the secretly funded right wing numbskull tank, Tax Payers Alliance suggested an unjustified cost of £30bn. These people seem to hate any signs of improving peoples lifestyles. Evidence suggests better job retention and efficiencies. As James Nash, leader of Bassetlaw District Council said “It is not for the government to say that you must work a 5 day week”. Little creep Gove disagrees and says people must work a 5 day week. It is after all only an experiment. The same people would have complained about the abolishment of the 6 day week and paid holidays.

The railways are also getting a backnash from plans to cut ticket offices., Mean while the Government has failed to comment on the fact that South East Water spent £232mill on dividends(£162m) and interest repayments over the last 2 years, but only £179.8m on upgrading the infrastructure. Nationalised public service companies working for investors not the public.

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