the Conservative Party seem to be doing all hey can to lose tyhe next election! No sirprise really, Public services in disarray, inflation high, recession always just around the corner, middle class home owners being screwed by new interest rates, national debt spiralling upward, the MSM still making a big issue out of the small boats, climate pledges being abandoned (wait for the next climate issue to hit, polluted rivers and seas, NHS waiting lists at record levels.

Starmer will do well to avoid victory, it is on a plate for him. However moving Labour to the middle ground might guarantee him victory – afterall only a moron with a very small brain would wish for a tory win. However he would do well not to forget about the millions of labour voters who. are socialist to the core. The problems he will face are only to be solved with radical changes in how we do things.

I am not commited to voting labour – only tactical voting to get tories out. The LibDems are great at a local level but are still just more socially minded conservatives. The Greens are closer to the radical changes needed, but lack the depth of talent and charisma to bring it off.

I would welcome a coalition and then PR. However PR needs protection from foreign interference with our democracy. Think tanks need to produce detailed info on funding, as do political parties and the press. Would it not be democratic for the MSM to be British owned? And correspondents who write columns must state which country they live in.

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