I find the sensationalist news about a BBC presenter rather unsettling. Firstly it could be that Murdoch is using the Sun to have a go at the BBC which he hates. Secondly it is quite possible that no crime has been committed? And this whilst 15 MP’s have been investigated for misconduct including one accused of rape (who has not even had the whip removed). The Sun claims that no money was paid to the mother and step-father who are making the accusations. The Sun us milking it by claiming that the presenter met someone during gthe lockdown – hypocracy or what? It has defended Johnson and now seems intent of pursuing the presenter. Third it has been front page news for 2 days – is there nothing more important happening – are the paper buying public so stupid? Probably, they are mostly old, often racist, mainly Tory!

Meanwhile – the woman who drove into the school children has not been named. 2 dead and still not named. If she has an alibi she should state it, if not she deserves whatever she gets! Presumably there is an injunction to stop her being named? Is she famous or related to someone important?

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