The Sun is desperately back tracking on the Huw Edwatds story. Ot now claims that it did not refer to criminal activity. Basically it seems that they saw the opportunity to stick the knife into the BBC without checking their facts properly, but then facts have never been important to them. They also claimed the story was ‘squarly in the public interest’. They seem to have got confused between the public being interested, and in the public interest. The latter cannot be true – no criminal activity, maybe a very sad of a person unable to handle the power and riches thast Juw achieved. With no crime having occured we need to offer our sympathy to him and the families concerned. Will the Sun now print details of the allegations made against 15 Conservative MP’s to the Speaker? Will it now re[port on Jihnson failing to meet a court order to hand over his phone to the Covid Inquiry.

By the way the Times (another Murdoch paper) did refer to criminal activity.

Meanwhile upsteps the Defence Secretary Ben Wallace to publically make public comments that should have been kept private. he might be correct in saying that the Ukraine is treasting the west like an Amazon Warehouse – but he seems to forget the huge death toll they are experiencing. Dorries is being reported to the speaker for inappropriate emails and messages she has sent; Jenrick has not been sensued for his crass and insensitive mural affair; Hunt looks like failing to get National Debt down as the governments borrowing interest rate rises; strikes look like increasing as he fails to meet public sector pay demands and blocks increases for schools; Gove hands back £1.9billion intended to help the housing crisis claiming tat he could not find anything worth spending it on – berefit of ideasand compassion.

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