Pickled chillies

I have not done this before so comments welcome. My red chillies are a roulette – most not hot at all, but some are a bit; my green ones (well I only tried one before drinking half a litre of milk and my mouth being numb for 5 minutes) seem to be hot! So the recipe –

Winter flu

Recent reports from Oz and NZ suggest that the winter flu season down under was almost non-existent! Is Covid-19 the grey squirrel to the native flu red swuirrel? It makes sense to think that social distancing and mask wearing would inhibit the spread of colds and coughs. And given the cost of influenza to this country every year (£30 billion in sick days) it would seem sensible to maintain current precautionary measures into the future?

Stop carping!

The latest mantra of the government to avoid answering difficult questions. They wish and behave like they are living in a dictatorship, but news for them, the role of the opposition is to scrutinise and criticise – hence the name opposition.


I have lots of pretty red ones which are not hot at all. However I just had a quick bite off the end of a green one from a different plant. Eyes watering, half a pint of milk, lips numb! Wow!

Jokey Jo

So the PM is happy to quote international stats on testing. But maybe he should keep things in perspective. Highest death rate in Europe, weakest economy, poorest showing on helping refugees, I could go on! BUT whether we have the highest number of tests in Europe, or the World or the Universe (just anticipating the idiots next bluster!), IT IS NOT WORKING! I do not care how much better than anyone else, it is still crap!

So get it working, take control away from your cronies at Deloitte, return it to local NHS Trusts. These are people who we can trust, and if they get it wrong, will be held accountable rather than directors of a financial management company who will be on their private jet to wherever faster than the speed of light.

Page 10 Guardian

What hope is there for our planet when the latest of 3 international reports on environmental degradation across the planet only makes the bottom half of p10 in the Guardian (our most environmentally aware paper).



So there are 320+ different vaccines being researched against Covid-19. great, lets hope some work?

But it is also important to stop the next ‘pandemic’. It will happen. World human population is growing and increasingly interacting with wildlife that has previously lived in isolated environments. we need therefore …