The trouble;e with ordering plants is that they do not come for weeks and I forget! So I had a surprise delivery this morning. I think I will put them in pots for now, see what grows in the garden and then use them to fill gaps. Double begonias can be the start of hanging baskets. Pots can be by side of kitchen for now. Free gift of 50 gladioli! I think most will end up as a free gift from me!

Lemon and lime have babies beginning to form – could be as many as 18 in porch. Avocado is still going and orchid still in flower – 5th year. Dwarf daffodils appearing, and some snowdrops still around. I guess the slugs will have a feast, but hopefully a hedgehog will wander along and maybe a song thrush. Anchusa royalist planted.

I am still holding fire on the greenhouse until the 20th March when operation plant seeds begins! All pots in position.

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