RECIPES FOR A WEEK – 7 days a week!

Breakfasts: Home created muesli; scrambled egg; toast and cheese with avocado mayo; toast and marmite; toast and honey or homemade jam; blueberry muffins; omelette.

Main – oh, I am so confused! What do I want? Being by myself I tend to have to live with whatever I cook for at least 2 days! So, I am thinking salad. So coleslaw, hummus, potato salad, garlic bread, salad nicoise, French dressing. And then a nut loaf, quiche or pasta cheese bake, and maybe smoked mackerel pate. So that is at lest 3 days.

I also fancy a really good ragu bolognese, so maybe spag bol, and then chilli con carne? – that’s another couple of days.

So 2 to go. Lamb with a flat bread and salad might use up left over salad with raita.

So my shopping list is : eggs, lamb chunks, beef mince, bread rolls, white cabbage, smoked mackerel – it is probably sad that I have everything else.

And for the days when I can’t be bothered my comfort foods are : tinned tomato soup, baked beans and tinned sardines in tomato sauce.

And just obviously I am not following this already 15 hours later. Making a salad as the weather is wet, windy and chilly! So spicy chick peas, hard boiled egg in avocado mayo with smoked paprika, baked potato,

I might do a pizza with stripes tomorrow (Red Leicester and cheddar and mozzarella. Rye bread dough in bin – it did not rise at all!

And then deserts – I tend not to do these so perhaps one a week – lemon drizzle cake this week I think? I am not brave enough for meringues yet!

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