I was brought up to respect the police. However it is getting increasingly difficult. A 13 year old boy was knocked off his bike by armed police and then had a sub-machine gun pointed at him whilst he was handcuffed. His crime? Playing with a bright blue water pistol with his younger sister who had a bright pink one. And yes, he was black! Would a white child have been subjected to the same police action? It is of concern that the police, who had enough time to follow and knock the child off his bike, could not tell the difference between a pistol and a brightly coloured water pistol. And still the Met.Police Commissioner maintains, despite now 2 reports to the contrary, that the Met Police are not institutionally racist! The investigation has found no fault in te police officers who also criticised the mother for getting angry with them. I realise that the armed police have a difficult job that requires instatant decision making (hopefully they are trained to do this), but this does seem to be a bit over te top!

Elsewhere Geta Thunberg was arrested for demonstratiing to save the planet, and our wonderful government has just realised that the prisons are full and they are having to let some prisoners out early! And baroness Monet is still free!

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