Proving that he is no statesman, and not a leader of all the people of this country. He has the aroange of priveldge that permeates the Conservatibve Party. He believes that he is always correct. As leader of the UK he should have chosen his words much more carefully to represent the views of all communities in the UK. Of course he should condemn the actions of Hamas – but he should also strongly support the ending of the humanitarian crisis that Israel is creating. Israel has for too long believed that it could act with impunity with regards to Palestine.

Some members of the Israeli Government are promoting the killing of Palestinians. Sunak is supporting this. Is there no one calling for a cessation of hostilities? Israel has now killed approx 3000 Palestinians with no evidence that any of them were Hamas terrorists.

Surely it is totally naive to think that the last 70 years of Israeli occupation can be wiped from the equation.

Those who perpetrated the 7-10-23 massacre should not be alowed to walk freely amongst us. Hostages should be freed, but Israel should not only halt the bombings but also agree to meaningful talks about the future. British politicians talk about supporting Israels right to defend itself – by which I interpret as its borders – but where are its legal borders? Continued annexation of the West Bank is a desired policy of several cabinet ministers in Israel.

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