It seems to be developing into a trend. All major social networking companies should have to ensure that their users are registered and bona fide. With no registration they would not be allowed to post. I am sure these grubby little individuals might gravitate to other sites – but their voices would be heard by only similar minded jerks. These sites could then be totally shut down. Ant perpetrators of hatred in any form prosecuted. and heavily fined, and if related to an activity like sport, they are banned from attending until they have had an education course at their own expense.

Racism in society needs to be eradicated. It is still rampant. Yet the likes of Jenrick still support the beliefs of these people. Put the statues of cruel slave traders in museums, but let us rid the streets of these images of shameful episodes in our past. We cannot rewrite history, but we can be ashamed of some/many of the actions of our ancestors. Personally I am very ashamed of the actions of fellow citizens of this country.

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