I guess this is not such a surprise given that most of the media gloss’s over the rank incompetency shown for the last year and concentrates on vaccines.

Starmer must be held accountable for allowing them to get away with this. What does Labour under him stand for? I read something about flag waving, but nothing to show that he has a grip on policies, or basically anything. Jezza had policies but not the charisma to deliver them – and to be honest showed a little naivity in the way he went awol from sensible behaviour at times.

So come on Starmer – get your arse in gear and deliver a manifesto for a better Britain. You have had a year to get it sorted – you are like Williamson at Education at the moment, man without a clue.

Elections are coming up at local levels, so lets see a labour manifesto for jobs in the green sector especially in the North; plans for exams and schools/universities; detailed consideration of Hancock’s plans for the NHS – with credible alternatives if necessary; innovative ideas to solve the growing unemployment problem; tax proposals; a raft of proposals regarding g Brexit (which is proving to be a disaster); the foreign aid budget (which will be core to a better world post-covid); a review of all contracts made in last 15 months; a policy for the armed forces which puts them in a logical and practical situation (and cuts the overheads by at least 50%) but also recognises the fantastic resource they can provide in emergencies here and abroad; abolish or change the honours system; get rid of hereditary peers in the HoL; Greater devolution (with safety checks if thought necessary!) – for all sectors of public services at all levels; Greater accountability for all decisions.

And an overall policy of inclusion a1nd responsibility which encourages greater participation, by all, in society, but also calls out those who refuse to participate.

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