So Trump gets off – no surprise there then. However – and it is not just Republicans at fault – all politicians do the same.

This impeachment was unique, the jurors werebvthe victims, they hid and barricaded themselves in rooms in fear. They have been reminded by video, they have heard the words of Trump. But they put themselves and their political careers before justice and doing the right thing for democracy and the diminishing esteem of the rest of the world.

For sure nearly half of the electorate voted for him; just as in the UK nearly half of the electorate voted against Brexit. We, I, have just about got over it! No violence – just a lot of ‘told you so’. However Trump can now claim vindication and continue his obnoxious tirade of hatred. So those who voted to allow him to continue can be seen as career crazy lunatics who represent all that people mistrust in politicians.

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