Schools have more children attending than in the first lockdown. I have total sympathy for working parents who want their children educated properly. But at the same time it defeats the purpose of the lock down and shutting schools if they have a large attendance.

There is also the pressure on teachers expected to teach and set and mark online work. And the children who have no access to broadband or a laptop. Cluelesss Williamson apparently turned down free broadband for these children last week – what a horrible specimen he is; both useless and vindictive. What planning was put in place over the last 6 months before this predictable second wave occurred (and it was predicted – it might be worse than predicted, but all people with functioning brains knew it was coming.

Will there need to be a distinction between essential workers and critical workers? Certainly if the infection rate does not start to fall imminently I suspect this distinction will have to be made, at least for the 3 weeks to see if the infection rate -r- can fall below 1. in Essex it must have been much higher. Thought, how is the r number affected by the speed of transition, I know it should not really matter but…?

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