Britain will soon have 2 new “news channels’ from the likes of Fox News. Those who criticise the BBC should be careful what they wish for. At least with the BBC any perceived bias from left or right is fiercely debated. This will not happen with news channels promoted by the like of Murdoch and Discovery. These channels will have no duty to the public, they will be free to peddle the false news of the kind that propelled Trump to his Presidency. The British public have shown themselves equally mall-able to false news, so could we be seeing the development of yet more media promoting populism.

Populism – what an oxymoronic word? Let us all vote for less tax – until we need the NHS, or other services. More tax would be sensible at the moment – especially the rich who have made billions due to share rises in lock down. Unfortunately the centre left and right is too liberal to demand constraints on this pernicious influence on our democracy.

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