Wow, that was quick. I was 20 minutes early, straight in, name, confirm address, have you had, covid, any other vaccination, any allergy, any medication – which arm? Done. 2 minutes max. It took me longer to park!

I had the fizzy one – ok, Pfizer. Now wait 12 weeks for next one.

Playing with statistics. 18% of population are 16 and under, and not being vaccinated. UK has a population of 68 million. So about 55 million eligible for vaccination. 15 million done.

So 40 million and about 250.000 given per day. so to do everyone would take 160 days, but we are likely to see at least 25% plus not take it up – so 120 days max. for everyone who wants it. I suspect therefore that anyone who really wants it will be done by end of April at the latest.

Then what to do about the rest? Vaccine passports. We know that the government is waiting for Nicola Sturgeon to decide what she will do, before deciding. Israel are thinking of issuing Vaccination Passports that will be needed to enter many public places like pubs, etc. I can understand a reluctance to do this regarding the civil right to not have the vaccine. However there is the “Hot Fuzz” thing of ‘for the greater good’. Personally I would issue the passports, but then leave it up to publicans and restauranteurs and others to decide whether to enforce. A night club could ignore it, and those who wish to go there could decide whether to attend or not?

It becomes more complicated with places like universities and colleges. With the great Williamson in charge it will be a fiasco, he has spent time appointing someone to ensure free speech in universities – surely he has something better to do. However laudible, it would surely keep for a while, or at least until they go back to running normally.

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