But this does highlight a much greater issue – getting the vaccine to the rest of the world. This is vital in the globalised world we live in. Trade, tourism and business all rely on physical communication. Holidays to the EU (Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Austria, Malta, etc.) will be off limits unless they too have a sizeable majority of their country vaccinated. So I would not be booking a foreign holiday anytime soon. Quarantine in one form or another seems likely to be implemented at short notice almost anywhere.

And then there is the rest of the world who have neither the financial or physical resources available. Perhaps a good use of the foreign aid budget? But there is very little news about the impact of Covid in the less economically developed world.

Back to the UK – can we have the scientific evidence about schools please? Is there a difference in the infection rates for different ages? Are teachers at less or more risk? Labour Party has called for vaccination of teachers at half term – is this necessary? And if not, why should schools not go back straight away? If there is concerns, what are they and why?

The British love of our children seems to be wearing thinner than usual! But the mental health issues are rising and I am doubtful that the government has prepared for, or is up to the challenge!

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