China – it seems certain that China will have tried to cover up the initial growth of the virus and should be condemned for this. However we should be aware that our government also failed to acknowledge the spread of the virus until too late. Failed to react to the growth of the second/third waves so we should be circumspect in our criticism.

Schools – perhaps the most difficult decision. Teachers should be vaccinated asap. An should open as soon as scientific evidence makes it reasonable. There will always be a balance between prevention of the virus and the many other aspects, including mental issues, economics, etc. But ultimately the emphasis must be on controlling the virus. Waves of lock downs will not benefit the economy.

And then there is the rest of the world – can we be proud of our country please? The vaccines must be rolled out internationally.

And looking at distribution of the virus in the UK there is a huge difference between areas. Probably due to wealth and poverty.

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