I have been given a few kg of tomatoes. Recently I made some ‘ketchup’ or sauce like thing that was great, but thought I would try a new one. Any suggestions welcome.


I just received an email from this organisation, and I wish them the very best. But for the concept of rewilding to work it needs a fundamental change in the psychology of large numbers of the public. Nice books about rich people rewinding their land is great, but I would rather not leave it to the wealthy philanthropists!


QR codes were invented in Japan in the mid-90s to track components in car production.

They can hold a massive amount of data compared to standard barcodes – up to 2,500 numeric characters compared to a barcode’s 43.


Well its my blog, so I will do what I want! And my shopping list might be interesting to someone who has absolutely nothing else to be concerned about. And I have my car back, and the TV aerial connector is kaput! Biden is in the White House, its raining, its dark, its winter!


Nice speech – now for actions. He is the first Democrat for 25 years, to have majorities in both Houses of Congress. So he should be able to get things done. And Donald can disappear into the background – I am sure he will get dairy occasionally, but his time will hopefully be spent defending himself from lawsuits.


Can this be shouted out loud as it is one of the underlying beliefs of the Tory Party. Some lives are less valuable than others. Lod Sumption has stated this. How these people consider themselves to be religious in any way is beyond me. And to think that he was a major figure in the Supreme Court until 2018.

To be honest I am a bit speechless – I heard something similar from the vice-president of the World Bank 20/30 years ago who justified dumping toxic waste in Nigeria on the grounds that deaths there were less valuable (in financial terms ) than deaths in America.