Next week looks like being hot so I will dry herbs and mints. Tomato chutney should be on the menu next week together with tomato passatta and dried tomatoes in olive oil. Chillies will be at least another month and my cucumber – who knows (not me)!.

Then I must get some lamb to go with the mint, and also my new ravioli makers. So I think lamb and mint sauce with garlic; lamb and mint and lemon butter sauce?; and mushroom and garlic and thyme and ricotta; beef mince and a tomato bolognas sauce? The cutters are about 4cm diameter so each one should pack a little meal. So shopping tomorrow and pasta making and jam making on Friday.

What else, nasturtiums to eat, pot marigolds to eat? Not tried them yet. I think garlics need pulling up – they are very small 2p size, but garlic so whatever.

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