So easy – why did no one tell me about this recipe before I reached retirement age – or tell me how important it was to heat the oven as per the recipe!!

So oven at 180C


So the numbers of positive tests goes up by 50% in a day. Does this matter? Hospital admissions are steady. Will this give the “herd immunity” that we have heard lots about? Or is a start of a new wave?


A lot of people say Extinction Rebellion are going about things in the wrong way? F*** O**. What they really mean is write to your MP, or sign a petition and watch nothing happen!


My children got me a pasta maker for last xmas. It is so cool. I am still amazed at how the billiard ball sized dough becomes metres long! And it tastes amazing. I usually play around with menu’s but I do not even want to try to deviate from perfection!


Things the government got wrong. Basically everything! Too late to shut down, PPE debacle, care homes, masks, quarantine, test and trace, exams. And still it does not realise that bombast and bluster from No.10 means absolutely nothing on the streets of Manchester or Leeds.

What is needed is a devolution of restrictions and incentives to regional level authorities. The South-West could probably have relaxed most restrictions weeks earlier, Parts of the North should never have restricted anything yet.

Tomato Chutney

Well, when I open a jar of this, I gorge! I have also been told that others do the same! It is nice. So I have some doing now, just as long as I don’t forget and let it boil away! When it is sticky it is done. Recipe follows:-


I genuinely feel sorry for our police force. I think their purpose is to enforce the law.

But when the government seems to be churning out laws that are unenforceable by the day, one wonders how the police force can maintain any semblance of authority. Wearing a mask seems to be voluntary in North Somerset, quarantine after a foreign holiday to prescribed areas seems to be non-existent. And if people can chose which laws they would like to observe the whole system starts to crumble. Well done Johnson and Cummings!